Spring styles for your strands

Try out these spring hairstyles – all light, edgy, slick or stunning – to ensure your prima vera look is both feminine and high fashion

When prima vera is in the air, with longer days, brighter evenings and milder temperatures, the mood changes to a lighter feeling, knowing nature will continue to shine and bloom as usual, regardless of what else is happening in our lives.

A new season calls for a new look and this year we’re embracing feminine styles every Italian woman would love for their hair in spring.

Sharp or edgy

If you have straight hair – or can straighten your hair with a blow-dryer, large round brush or straightening iron – then these latest long bobs are for you. Hair length should ideally sit between the jaw and collar bone. Ensure the lengths of your hair have a light coating of leave-in conditioner or slight sheen of hair oil to achieve a fine, sleek finish. Make a very deep parting with a comb on one side of your head and flip the remaining fullness of hair over the top and back of your scalp but smoothly held in place. Hair ends which brush just above the shoulders should appear soft and feathery to add a feminine touch to this sharp look. For a slightly more rebellious look, don’t make your strands so slick along the lengths and allow ends to be cut a little unevenly for a chunky, edgy finish.

Wild and wonderful waves

If you’re sporting the aforementioned long bob but have naturally wavy locks, there’s a very good chance that, without much effort, your hair will fall into a cascading glory on its own every day – naturally on trend! For longer hair with waves go for the current casual, slightly unkempt or “just woke up” looks as shown on the Milan catwalks. Just smooth down the crown area with a tiny amount of natural oil to show your hair’s glossy shine and let the rest of your strands do their own thing. If you don’t have naturally wavy hair, either achieve this look with a curling tong or by tying strips of cloth into twisted sections of hair while still damp. Leave to dry, untie and ta-da – wave hi to wow waves.

Up-dos and tumbling tendrils

Buns and high ponytails are really in this spring – why not go for a twist on one of these classic up-dos with a messy, carefree finish. Of course, we should still keep our hair in good condition with products which look after every strand from root to tip – but the final styling should be looser, not sleek to achieve these trendy looks.

An alternative would be to make your bun or ponytail tidier with a tighter gathering through clips or pins and then let the front and side shorter layers frame your face for a romantic or bohemian look. Make tumbling tendrils by twisting and pinning those layers while still damp, let them fall once dry and run your fingers through those strands to separate them for a natural-looking finish. Those with curls can simply let their corkscrew strands bounce for a soft frame.

Plaited to perfection

Braids aren’t just for girls under twelve! Neat plaited styles can look sophisticated or add a youthful flair if incorporated within an up-do. Braids can also neaten up flyaways when run along the front sections of a longer style or add some variation to poker-straight strands. Don’t be afraid to ask for help in achieving tidy, glossy plaits that begin at the back of the head to keep it neat!

Enjoy these new looks for the new season and be sure to take care of your strands with formulas which support their natural structure and protect them from damage, such as the N.A.E. riparazione hair care line.

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