Cocktail recipes and a simple touch to impress your guests

Impress your guests at your next dinner party! We share our favourite cocktail recipes and tips in how to make your home look and feel extra welcoming.

Most of us know that Italians are infamous and insanely good at hosting a fantastic feast or in other words, a dining extravaganza! If you’re Italian or have been lucky enough to be invited to an Italian’s home for lunch, dinner or even just a coffee, you will know that it may offend your host to not finish everything you have been served – especially if nonna is doing the amazing cooking or baking. We’re obviously not complaining though!

Since Italians are incredible hosts when it comes to a party or get-together, we believe they’re a great example to aspire to when it comes to hosting your next event. You can amaze and impress your guests with stylish décor and your wonderful foods and drinks. However, one important aspect we may sometimes neglect, are our bathrooms. A bathroom break not only serves as an obvious toilet visit but also a nice timeout from all the socializing and eating happening outside or in the next room. Impress your guests one step further by a simple and subtle touch in your bathroom by placing an essential oil diffuser and a deliciously scented hand wash to match. With such a subtle edition to your home, your guests will feel delightfully refreshed!

To help with your next dinner party, below are two delicious cocktail recipes inspired by special Italian ingredients. And of course, we have hand washes to match.

Sparkling mandarin and rosemary gin cocktail

We especially love this cocktail for those very warm summer nights. Instead of dessert you could definitely shake up this delicious concoction in no time for a delicious not-too-sweet refreshing infusion.

  1. In a cocktail shaker add 6 ripe diced figs, 50ml of Campari, juice from one lemon and a tablespoon of fresh thyme leaves. Use a muddler to push down the figs to release their juices and so they are smashed. Add ice and shake vigorously for 20 seconds.
  2. Strain into four glasses and top off with prosecco. To garnish, add fresh small sprigs of thyme.

This pleasant cocktail recipe will make 4 cocktails and as mentioned before, depending on the size of your cocktail shaker, you may need to adjust the quantities.

These delightful cocktails all contain ingredients that are also found in some of our just as deliciously scented liquid hand soaps. Choose your favourite from our range below to display in your bathroom – and impress your guests!

  • Freschezza Refreshing liquid Hand soap contains key ingredients of organic thyme and rosemary
  • Idratazione Moisturizing liquid hand soap contains key ingredients of organic fig and hibiscus
  • Vitalità Revitalizing liquid hand soap contains key ingredients of organic lemon and mandarin
  • Delicatezza Fragrance-free liquid hand soap contains key ingredients of organic orange blossom and aloe vera

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