Keep it clean, keep it green

Every one of us on the planet can take steps to reduce our negative impact on the natural environment. We offer some tips to keep your world green and clean by making eco-friendly, sustainable choices for our everyday lives.

When our planet is in balance, it generously provides all we need to sustain us. There is only one Earth and for the benefit of all living species that dwell on and within it we should try to preserve this precious ecosystem the best we can. So, what does that mean for each of us on a daily basis? Let’s look at ways we can all limit our negative environmental impacts and help make the world a better place. Every bit helps – get your friends and family involved in the switch to more sustainable living!


We are what we eat

Some keen carnivores have switched to sacrificing one day of the week either for their well being or to support the planet.

A diet that is purely plant-based is earth-nurturing in that all the resources and energy needed to raise, feed and transport the animals farmed for food can be spared.

If we all got familiar with the delicious world of vegan food and enjoyed seven days each week without meat and animal derivatives, this would greatly reduce our negative impact on the environment.

Whether Italian pasta sauces, risottos, salads, casseroles or soups are your thing, there’s a wealth of colorful vegetables – from artichokes to zucchinis – to cater for every taste. Check out the numerous vegan cookery websites to inspire you with recipes to whet your appetite and don’t forget to look at our mouthwatering picnic recipes 

Anyone can grow their own organic herbs at home too, even in pots on a windowsill – another way to make all your dishes suit every buona-forchetta in your family!


Eco-friendly and skin-kind

The cosmetics we use on our skin are either used directly for cleansing or will be washed off our faces and bodies later in the day. Either way, the formulas we use daily get rinsed down our drains and into the water system of our neighborhood. The same water may eventually make its way back, filtered and treated, to dispense from our taps again. It therefore makes complete sense to choose eco-friendly products which harmonies with our environment.

Plant-based, organic, vegan- and eco-certified bathroom items are the ones to look out for to guarantee sustainable choices – and, as they work with nature, they’re kinder to your skin as well! N.A.E. personal care products, for instance, are certified by ECOCERT Greenlife logos, comprise both vegan and organic formulas , with at least 97% natural ingredients. As if this wasn’t enough, they smell amazing too – such are the gifts of nature!

Packaging on products is also a key factor in making sustainable choices. Try to avoid items wrapped in virgin, single-use plastics and aim for environmentally friendly alternatives. N.A.E. products come in plant-based tubes, bottles made with 100% recycled PET or FSC-certified packaging.


Planet-friendly action plan

Besides the food we eat and products (including packaging) we choose, how can we change our lifestyles to be kinder to the planet we inhabit?


1.       Reuse – Save glass jars to marinate olives or preserve other home-made creations. Re-love old garments, such as turning an old pair of jeans into summer shorts.


2.       Reduce – Keep taps off while brushing your teeth or showering before you rinse to save water. Turn lights and appliances off when not needed to avoid unnecessary use of electricity.


3.       Recycle – Collect rainwater and sprinkle it on home-grown Italian herbs. Discard any packaging ethically using local recycling services.


4.        Respect the Earth with the choices you make – Use washable cloth bags for shopping instead of polythene bags. Choose cotton serviettes and cleaning cloths instead of paper napkins and wet wipes. Every purchase you make makes a difference!

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