How to naturally combat oily hair

Transform dull, oily hair into healthy, shiny locks with these simple lifestyle, diet and organic DIY tips.

Oily hair is an annoying reality for many women. These simple hairstyling tricks, diet and lifestyle changes, and novel organic treatments will calm lank-looking strands and make healthy, shiny hair your new reality.

Decrease the grease for your hair

Oily hair is caused by an overproduction of your scalp’s natural oil, sebum. When the glands produce too much sebum, your scalp becomes oily and this is then transferred to your hair, which can appear lank and dull. Oily hair can be caused by using the incorrect products, product build-up or pollution, and even diet, stress levels and genetics can play a role. But thanks to these easy tips and helpful organic products, you can say arrivederci to the oily look for good.

Find your style

A good hair care routine is crucial to keeping your hair healthy and shiny. For example, you’ve probably heard that brushing regularly helps to avoid oily-looking hair – which is true to an extent. Brushing helps to spread out the oils rather than letting them congregate in one area. Over-brushing, however, can stimulate oil production, meaning you should stick to brushing your hair around twice a day. Straightening your hair also contributes to greasiness as it forces strands to lie close to an oily scalp.

A messy top knot bun is a great way to take advantage of hair that’s not freshly washed as the grease helps to give your strands some texture and the hairstyle hides most of the unwanted oily look – the perfect win-win! Also try to avoid hairdryers and hair gels and, as tempting as it may be, keep your oil-ridden fingers away from your luscious locks as much as possible.


Stress reduction is a major factor in alleviating oily hair. When we are stressed, our body releases the hormone cortisol, which can cause the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum. Therefore, treat yourself to some time out of your day for meditation or simple self-care – this could do wonders not only for your state of mind but for your hair, too.

Alter your diet

Diet affects much more than just our waistlines – but did you know that certain foods can either contribute to or prevent oily hair? Eating foods high in sugar, dairy products and deep-fried food can make the scalp product more oil. Essential fatty acids, zinc, B vitamins and vitamin E, on the other hand, help to prevent the overproduction of oil. Pack your diet full of wholegrains, fish, nuts, seeds, oats, shellfish, eggs, beans and leafy greens and marvel at your newfound healthy, glossy hair.

DIY treatments

Try a homemade organic treatment to help periodically rid your roots of excess oil. Arrowroot powder or corn starch (mixed with cocoa powder for dark hair) can be used in place of dry shampoo. Apple cider vinegar has the perfect balance to rejuvenate your hair: it is acidic enough to restore the pH balance of your hair, yet gentle enough so as not to strip it of essential nutrients or colour. Black tea is another organic solution that has tannic acid to tighten pores and thus prevent oil build-up. Simply pour 1-2 tablespoons of room temperature black or green tea over your scalp and leave for five minutes before rinsing.

Optimise your wash

Hair washing techniques and products are key to the erasure of unwanted oils. Try to use warm water when washing hair and finish off with cold to close the cuticles and prohibit excess production of sebum. Concentrate the shampoo around the roots and use conditioner (which contains additional oils) sparingly on the ends of your hair and then rinse for at least a minute to ensure all oils are washed away. You should also avoid silicone or alcohol-based products and instead opt for an organic alternative. N.A.E’s Equilibrio is specifically formulated to remedy oily hair. The Purifying Shampoo and Shampoo Bar are at least 97% of natural origin, combining mint and sage extract to purify the scalp. These products can be used regularly to keep your hair feeling constantly fresh and weightless – the dream for all oily-hair-prone folk.

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