Take care of your skin around the clock

How often do you wash your face? Learn whether you should cleanse your face once or twice a day and the importance of having a daily skincare routine.
Why you should take care of our skin around the clock 

Are you a person who sticks to either a daily or nightly skin care routine and could not bear the idea of doing both? To be fair, you’re not alone in thinking this! According to some skin care experts, that extra bit of cleansing could make quite the difference. Depending on your skin type, where you live, and your indoor air quality – these factors could determine how often you should cleanse your skin.

Cleanse once or twice a day?

One way of knowing whether you should cleanse your skin once or twice a day is by understanding your skin’s habits. For example, if you have excessively oily skin, aim to cleanse your face morning and night. However, be aware to not use drying products because these tend to make our skin overcompensate by producing even more oil. The other exception where you may need to wash your face twice a day is after a sweaty workout – washing your face afterwards will prevent breakouts. However, if you exercise late at night close to your evening skin care routine, you will only need to cleanse your face once as usual. 

If you think you may be over-washing your face, ask yourself this question: does my skin feel tight and dry? Or, does my skin show signs of sensitivity and redness? If your skin does any of these things, chances are you’re over-washing or simply using a cleanser which is too harsh for your skin. Remember, cleansing should never dry out your skin or make it red and flaky. If you think your skin has already reached this stage, all you need to do is give your skin time to repair itself. Try not using any products for a day and then make a DIY face scrub or mask. Doing this will not only invigorate your skin, it will give you the confidence in knowing that your skin it treated with all-natural ingredients.

Cleansing rule of thumb

Whatever your skin type may be, what’s most important is that you wash your face at least once a day. If you live in a city, your skin is consistently exposed to pollution. And although you may keep a clean and tidy home, there’s no way of knowing what your indoor air quality is like – particularly in winter when you’re less likely to have a fresh breeze come through. For this reason, we recommend washing your face every evening to remove dirt, oil, sunscreen, makeup and grime that’s built up on your skin throughout the day.

Always remove your make up first!

As a lot of makeup and sunscreen is designed to be long lasting, many cleansers are not able to remove concealer, foundation, nor dissolve sunscreen completely – especially in the creases around your nose and eyes. We suggest applying a gentle cleansing milk with your fingertips and then wiping it away with a reusable cotton pad. Rinse your face with cool water and then cleanse your skin with your preferred product from the N.A.E. Purezza rangeTo finish up, apply a gentle toning lotion to your face and neck with a reusable cotton pad to remove any excess makeup and to leave your skin feeling hydrated.

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