What type of body balm should you use

Different skin types need different skin care. Learn what body balms you should use to maintain and moisturise your skin.
Which body balm is best for my skin?

Did you know skin is the largest organ of the human body? Not only does it come in a beautiful array of colours and tones, everyone’s skin type is slightly different in how it behaves from person to person. And, since it’s literally the human body’s biggest organ, it makes sense to take good care of it.

Understanding skin

While we take good care of our faces with daily skin care routines, it’s also important to take care of other parts of our body where skin is just as important. These areas include underarms, elbows, hands, knees and feet. Each of these areas are particularly prone to dryness and irritation, particularly when shaving our legs and underarms. To understand these sometimes-troublesome areas, we’ve delved into each of them so you can know how to treat them best. And don’t worry, it’s not difficult!


Your armpit area is especially sensitive because the skin is frequently subject to shaving and deodorants. Your underarms are also moist places that can generally go for long periods of time without any light or air – perfect for smelly bacteria to grow. And unfortunately, this combination can cause irritating and unpleasant looking ingrown hairs. To prevent this, we suggest shaving your underarms in the evening and then applying N.A.E.’s Delicatezza Fragrance-Free Body Balm. The cream will soothe the freshly shaved area and as you sleep your underarms will have the opportunity to breathe and absorb the body balm. Sleeping in a singlet will help avoid moisture build up too. 

Elbows and knees

When hands are overworked, some people may experience their hands to become dried out, chapped or appear leathery. This is more likely to happen in winter when we’re continuously exposed to the cold, wind, rain and dry heat from heaters. Washing dishes may also be a simple cause. If you experience any of these problems, aim to wear warm cosy gloves in winter and try not to wash your hands excessively. To deeply moisturise your hands, rub N.A.E.’s Freschezza Refreshing Body Balminto your hands and palms after finishing your evening routine in the bathroom and notice how much softer they will feel in the morning.

You may notice that your elbows and knees are the most troublesome areas when it comes to dryness. They may also accumulate darker skin than the rest of your arms and legs. To avoid dry skin and a build-up of dark patches, exfoliate your skin at least twice a week with a home-made scrub and be sure to rub the product onto your elbows and knees in a smooth circular motion. Lastly, once you’ve hopped out of the shower, apply N.A.E.’s Idrazione Moisturizing Body Balm on your arms and legs and be sure to apply a little extra on your elbows and knees. Applying this cream straight after having a shower will also help lock in the already present moisture.


As feet are subject to pressure and tightness from physical activity, your body’s natural weight and sometimes badly fitting shoes, they require extra padding. Although the soles of your feet are naturally a bit tougher than the rest of your skin, chaffing and dehydration from wearing closed shoes can lead to dry, cracked skin. To avoid this, we suggest giving your feet a good foot scrub followed by applying N.A.E’s Universal Cream. However, if you prefer to use a lighter cream that is also a good body lotion, the N.A.E. Vitalità Revitalizing Body Balm is also a fantastic option. Simply apply it to your feet before you go to bed, wear breathable quality socks to lock in the moisture and notice how much softer they’ll feel in the morning.

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