Seasonal skin care

Keep your skin glowing all year round with our seasonal skin care and lifestyle tips.
At one with nature – seasonal skin care

Our skin is our body’s largest organ. Like the seasons, it is constantly changing – and equally, our skin is affected by nature’s cycles. Keep it glowing all year round with our pura e semplice tips for seasonal skin care.

Clear away the ghosts of winter

In spring, flora starts to bloom, with buds emerging from its static winter state. It’s no different for our dermis. After a long winter of dark days and cold temperatures the milder days of March to May wake up our sluggish skin.

We may start to perspire lightly – the body’s natural detoxifying mechanism. We can break out in spots and pimples or suffer dry patches at this time, as skin tries to naturally shake off the winter layers to reveal a fresh new complexion. You can support this cleansing process with:

  • what you use tipically on your skin
  • gentle exercise, such as pilates, yoga and stretching
  • plenty of hydrating fluids
  • nutrient-rich seasonal salads and homemade smoothies
Spring and summer skin care

For the body, apply a body brush in small circular motions starting at the soles of your feet, right up to your shoulders. This encourages circulation and exfoliates outer layers of dead skin cells. Then pour shower gel onto a cotton wash cloth and rub lightly over wet skin. When you rinse off, you’ll feel like new! Supplement this holistic practice by using a shower gel with a fragrance that’s uplifting, such as natural citrus scents or refreshing herbs,  with ingredients to soothe, like aloe vera or moisturise, like organic fig. Pat dry and seal in moisture with a hydrating body balm in a matching fragrance.

Cleanse your face thoroughly but gently – naturally purifying botanicals like rosa damascena work with skin’s nature to cleanse itself and leave it feeling soothed. Use washable cleansing pads or a muslin cloth with an organic cleansing foam or gel to softly clear away grime built up over winter time. Keep your dermis hydrated and support its elasticity with a naturally effective face day cream, like N.A.E. energia moisturizing day cream.

Bellezza during the big freeze

For the other half of the year, when the sun’s rays are dimmer and temperatures plummet, our skins functions slow down – so we need to support it with nourishment and soothing protection.

Before you venture into the chilly outdoors, protect your face with a day cream that’s suitable for dry skin. Organic mallow and sunflower oil, for instance, are soothing ingredients which keep your dermis feeling comfortable.

Keep some colour in your cheeks by enjoying brisk walks in nature with the family and warm your body from the inside with homemade vegetable soups and casseroles. Seasonal vegetables like onions, leeks, beetroot and carrots all offer skin-supporting nutrients and help boost energy levels, too! Add some Italian herbs like oregano and thyme for extra flavour and goodness.

Pamper and protect

Cleanse your face and body using products suitable for delicate skin or those containing hydrating ingredients like organic fig. Use a body balm post-bathing to seal in moisture. Pamper any dry patches, knees, elbows and feet by smoothing on some ultra-rich, nourishing cream. The formula for N.A.E. Universal Cream contains a wealth of “liquid gold” – organic olive oil – which is easily absorbed to offer all-in-one benefits to your skin. This will ensure it will retain its moisture over the whole winter – and will feel soothed and generally delightful.

To support your skin’s natural renewal process, ensure you get a good eight or more hours of slumber. Feed your skin while you sleep and protect it from the drying effects of central heating by smoothing on a night cream with nourishing ingredients to your face and neck. 

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