Universal olive-oil-based cream for dry skin and hair

N.A.E.’s Segreto di Bellezza packs the effectiveness of a range of skincare products into one simple all-in-one cream – perfect for a busy lifestyle, or for when you’re travelling!

Olive oil is probably the most characteristic ingredient of Italian cooking. Smooth sauces, glistening pasta, succulent seafood – it’s hard to imagine them without the subtle aroma and soothing taste of olive in the background. But olive oil isn’t only valued for its nutritional benefits: it also works on the skin and hair as a natural moisturiser. Packing the effectiveness of a range of products into one simple all-in-one cream, N.A.E.’s Segreto di Bellezza,is perfect for a busy lifestyle or when you’re travelling! 

Timeless secrets of Italian beauty

Olive oil is Italy’s oldest segreto di bellezza (beauty secret) and was probably one of the first skincare ingredients ever to be used in ancient cultures. Rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, it’s been used for thousands of years to keep the skin soft as well as to cure minor ailments, like small infections, grazes and burns. We know that the ancient Greeks and Romans created their own skin-softening lotions and potions using the abundant olives, berries and herbs that grew locally. The Romans in particular prized clean, smooth skin, and would apply scented oils to their bodies after their bathing rituals.

Inspired by this timeless skincare tradition, N.A.E. has created Segreto di Bellezza, an all-in-one organic universal cream for the face, body and hair. Soft, smooth and light, this multi-purpose cream contains pure organic olive oil, bringing back natural softness and hydration to the skin and hair of everyone in the family (including children, if they’re over three years old).

Multi-tasking for the skin

It takes time to properly care for our skin every morning and evening! Wouldn’t it be great to uncomplicate the ritual occasionally – after a long day at work or when you want to travel light? Segreto di Bellezza solves the problem by offering all the important moisturising effects of face, body and hair products in one slim product. Just slip it into your bag and off you go!

The real beauty of Segreto di Bellezza lies in its simplicity: pure, natural ingredients combined with blissful ease of use. Dry areas on the hands, elbows, feet or face? Apply the wonder cream and you’ll feel instant relief, as the natural olive oil goes to work soothing and smoothing. The all-in-one cream’s velvety texture instantly softens and moisturises the skin, while the delicate, delicious fragrance transports you to the heart of Toscana.

And here’s the best thing about the universal cream: Segreto di Bellezza isn’t only for the face and body – it’s been designed to also care for your hair, especially the dry tips. The virgin olive oil ingredient is perfect for strengthening and smoothing split ends, and for bringing back hair’s natural shine. Enjoy its creamy smoothness and feel the confidence of knowing that you’re following an ancient, natural skincare tradition that’s been proven over the centuries to be effective.

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